Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ethereal Photographic Art Show

Sometime this spring, Hiroaki Kobayashi asked if I'd be interested in submitting some prints for a gallery. Naturally I said yes (I mean why not right?). Well its crunch time now and I'm getting prints made, canvasses stretched and basically getting everything together. Sure, the gallery is a few weeks away but like any event the last few weeks are always the most stressful. I've also had a couple of bumps that have added to my stress. I uploaded the wrong version of the one image I wanted to print 16" X 24".  It was grossly undersized for a print this large. Fortunately, this mistake didn't cost me as much as I thought it would and oddly enough the print turned out quite well considering how undersized it was. Still, it was something that stressed me out for a couple of days. Hopefully everything else goes smoothly from here on.

The Ethereal Photographic Art show will be held at the Resolution Art Gallery in Calgary from October 11th though 29th. The opening reception is on Saturday, October 15th from 5 pm to 9pm. Its going to be a great display of emerging and top photographers in Southern Alberta.

Check out the web gallery at The gallery's website can be found at (our exhibit isn't on their site yet but should show up in the coming days).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lots of stuff happening!

Its been "Go! Go! Go!" for me over the last few weeks. Last weekend I went to Dinosaur Provincial Park and got some great shots. The badlands are rugged but also so beautiful.

This weekend I hope to get out hiking somewhere. If I don't for some reason, I still have Lake O'Hara to look forward to. Andrew Petti, a friend from the Foothills Camera Club, had the foresight to get us into the hostel in Lake Louis on Thursday then we're off to Lake O'hara early Friday morning. We'll hopefully get two and a bit days of good shooting there. I had a lot of fun last year and I hope that I can get some great images.

I am also excited to say that I have a link to a great series of e-books on this site now. How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies was one of the best photography /guide books I have ever purchased. The newly updated e-books have more information including GPS locations.  By clicking on the link above and buying you'll help support this website and little ole me AND get some great information in the process. Everyone wins!