Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Good Old Hockey Game

For DP Challenge, the advanced editing challenge for this week is "Games". Instantly this sort of image came to mind. Yes that is me geared up. I was thinking more of that feeling of loss after a game 7 (like Calgary recently underwent) but as I shot it lost that sense of melancholy.

Editing on this was nuts (at least more editing than I typically do)

  1. Duplicated layer (X 2)

  2. On layer marked "Clarify" Channel mixer (100% red)

  3. Clarify (20) Cloned out artifacts created by this

  4. Other layer mixed as "hard light" (100% opacity)Set opacity for clarify to 43Flattened

  5. Cropped

  6. USM

  7. Export to JPG

I guess it turned out pretty well all things considered. I wish my gloves were the Oilers colors so that they would match. I also wish I turned the blade of my stick so that it was more visible. I also wish I could control where the shadow from the visor fell. In some shots it looked like a really nasty scar.

Here is another take from the shoot. In this one I didn't remove the artifacts from the clarify:

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