Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So ...hi?

Its been a long time since I posted. It strange how the longer I go without posting the more I feel guilty about not posting and the harder it is to actually post something. Its like I've waited so long to post something it now needs to be monumental. But I also think it ties into how my brain works at this time of year. Its like the movie Groundhog Day where there's this repetition. For me the scene goes like this: The leaves fall off the trees. Everything turns brown. I go into a funk. I get a bit of snow and cold and I hunker down for winter waiting for a shot to magically appear in the warmth of my home. So I don't shoot as much. The quality goes down. My confidence wanes. It gets tough. Its this time of year when I am glad I don't pay my rent with a camera because I'd probably be homeless and hungry if I did. I've probably plugged this Zack Arias video a few times on this blog (edit: Hmm..just once). Zack pretty much describes how I feel but gives me hope at the same time.
 I know I'll get out of the funk but it isn't going to be easy.

So here I am. The beginning of December and the funk is here with me. But I haven't been entirely idle and I have made shots I have some pride in.

I had one idea for a photojournalism shot involving coffee beans for a while and I finally accomplished it.  Fun idea and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm also happy I learned a few things during the process.

My wife and I also went to Vancouver for a quick vacation. Its hard to believe that was over a month ago. I'm happy to say that I got a few shots. I still haven't really looked at all of them but I'm happy with a couple I took.

Not too shabby I'd say. Maybe not my best work but it certainly isn't my worst either. I guess I can shoot and weather be damned I can take some pictures.  I guess that's the thing with these funks. They really are all in your head.