Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 New Years Resolutions Every Photographer should make

One of the blogs I try to follow is Lisa Bettany's "".  She is a modelographer (i.e. model/photographer) who also works for the the Vancouver Province.  She was also named on the top 10 hottest geeks by Wired.   Maybe a strange introduction but unfortunately photography is a male dominated industry and hobby so maybe its not so strange to point this out.  Did I mention she is Canadian? Never hurts to put in a good word for a fellow Canuck.

In her most recent post (as of this writing) she wrote about "10 New Years Resolutions Every Photographer should make". I have to agree with all of them however I was really struck by number 4. I will not be hindered by the gear I do not have.

That is an incredible notion. I mean, how often do we have thoughts like "if only I had this lens" or "if only I had that camera." A better camera doesn't necessarily mean better pictures. And in fact if you don't get your butt out there and shoot it doesn't matter what camera you have collecting dust.

I always laugh and get slightly offended when someone says nice picture --you must have a nice camera.  After all, its the photographer not the gear that makes the picture. Yet I have no problem feeling gear envy when someone else takes a nice picture with a newer/ more expensive camera, lens, or lighting setup.

I think the other resolution that made me think was  I will learn how to process my shots. I still feel quite inadequate with my processing. I can do the basics and know enough to wreck a perfectly decent shot.  That's one resolution I think I'll have to work on.

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Mostly Lisa said...

Definitely adding processing to your list of talents will take your photography up a notch. Check out Lynda for sure. You can even find great photoshop tutorials on youtube. (some are good, some are horrific), but they are free!

:D good luck!