Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How do you like them Apples?

In this case that's not a quote from Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting but rather a reference to the subject for this week's submissions in the Work Mini-Club.  Apples are a simple subject but offer a lot of creative possibilities.

This shot was deliberately plain Jane and safe. Light was from a 45 degree angle with a bit of fill provided by a reflector.

Contrast the simple safe picture with the craziness of this shot. I have a small flash that can be triggered by another flash. (Check it out here). It has no way of controlling the output but its good for throwing light on a background such as this case. True, this shot is pretty overexposed but I like it because it has an almost "I was abducted by alien apples" feel to it.

This is the same shot but with a little more fill light. It still has the backlighting I liked in the previous shot but with a little more detail.

A little more "normal" and of course I had to try some water droplets. I couldn't find my spray bottle so I took a bottle of water and held my thumb over the end to create the spray. Unfortunately, I ended spraying water everywhere including my background and mat. Lovely.Lighting was from the side to try to emphasize the water droplets.

This was my favorite shot of the night. It has that backlighting I liked plus it has a good amount of fill to provide detail.

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