Monday, March 18, 2013

Persistent Vision - part deux

I am still organizing my thoughts and I still haven't come down from the weekend. Work was just a momentary reprieve from all the things swirling in my head. Kinda like the snow on Sunday.

The whole event was really inspirational. I've never had a presenter cry and I shed a few tears too.  Just a lot of emotion and boy is that stuff ever powerful especially when it finds its way into your photography. David duChemin shared some of his images and I can't think of one image where I didn't feel something. I was either in awe of the beauty of the scene or caught up in the story that was unfolding or sharing something with the people inside the moment that was frozen in time. Never once did I think "nice shot".

I think photographs are one of the few "things" you can love.  The reason is that they really help connect us to our memories. And really isn't that what love is? That connection? Photos help us preserve places and people that aren't here anymore except in our thoughts and if they are still with us they aren't the same as when we took the picture.

If you recall from yesterday I wrote that I saw the quote "how soon 'not now' becomes 'never'". That one hit like a piano from a third floor window. One of the biggest things I got from the weekend and one thing David has said time and time again is that life is just too short to not be doing what you love. That quote really summed that up for me. I don't want to be at the end of my life and say "that's it?" or "but I didn't get to...". I want to say "Wow, that was a hell of a ride."

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