Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting slammed on DP Challenge

So this shot is getting absolutely hammered on DP Challenge. The challenge is called:
Make an image to fit a three-word title where the three words begin with consecutive letters of the alphabet.
Thje reason its not doing well? My title: "Psst! Hey buddy! XYZ!" Had I called it simply XYZ I wouldn't be getting the horde of DNMC (does not meet challenge votes). Looking through this challenge I now realize its really dumb. I could have called Utterly Viable Window and it would have met the challenge. Essentially, people took any old shot and then gave it a title. In other words its a free study ...for the photographic aspect but if your title is "wrong" then its DNMC. Really stupid in my opinon. Perhaps because I feel dumb about my mistake...
Oh well.

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