Sunday, May 18, 2008

Johnston's Canyon - Banff National Park

I had a lot of fun shooting out at Johnston's Canyon in Banff National Park. I did a few long exposures (about 1 second) of the Lower falls. I used a 4 X neutral density filter and a small aperture. Here is one sample. The light kept changing and this was one of my favorites.

I took a few infrared shots. I don't believe I've seen mountains shot with IR before and I love the results. These are pretty much the way they came out of the camera.

I've never seen a marmot before but as far as I can tell (and with some google help) I believe this is one.
And Mount Rundle? I would have absolutely loved to shoot an IR exposure of it but I was running out of time. I was content to stop, roll down the window, shoot and carry on home. Next time the filter goes on, the tripod comes out and I do 'er up infrared style. :)

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